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Beginner's Protection

There is beginner's protection in Travian, which means that you cannot be attacked during a period between 3 (1 on speed servers) and 14 days depending on the time between start of the world to the activation of your account.

Your newbie protection is stated in an automatic message you get from support when activating.

You can calculate the exact time by extracting the root from the running time of the world up to the point when you registered your account.
Meaning: √(running_time_of_server_when_you_registered) with a minimum of 3 (1 on speed servers) and a maximum of 14 (3 on speed servers).

Keep in mind, however, that your beginner’s protection will immediately expire if you attack another player before it has ended, while attacking nature troops (oases) will not terminate your beginner’s protection. When you attack another player, an information window will appear informing you that your beginner’s protection will end if you decide to continue with the attack.

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