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09. Dicionário Travian

Dicionário Travian para iniciantes


Abreviatura Definição
EP Edifício Principal
Muro Muro de Terra/Muralha/Paliçada
Moinho Moinho de Cereais
Pal Palácio
Res Residência
Res/Pal Residência ou Palácio (qualquer um pode ser usados ​​como sinônimos)
WW Maravilha do Mundo


Abreviatura Definição
cat (ou) cata (ou) catapulta Catapulta/Catapulta de fogo /Trabuquete
Salt (ou) Salts
Druids Druidas
EC Equites Caesaris
EI Equites Imperatoris
Haeds Haeduano
Leg Legionário
Imp Imperiano
Barb Barbaro
Pala Paladino
Lanc Lanceiro
CT Cavaleiro Teutão
TT Trovão Theutates


Abbreviation Definition
24/7 24 horas por dia/7 dias por semana
Ally Aliança
Bashing Keeping the player small by attacking much
Bug Fault in the game
Clear Destroying the defending army before catapulting/conquering
Coords Coordinates
CP Culture Points
Def Defensive troops
Exp Hero Experience
Fake Surprising the enemy by sending an attack with 1 unit
Farming Gaining res. / exp. by attacking a player repeatedly
Farm A player that is farmed
Farmer A player who farms other players
IGM In-Game Message
Lag Delays in page loading
Loot Stolen resources
Lvl Level
Multi A player with more than one account (not allowed)
NAP Non-Agrression Pact
Off Offensive troops
Plus Plus Account
Pop Population
Pushing Sending more res. to a player than is allowed by the rules
Res Resources
Sitting Controlling an account through the Sitter function



Abbreviation Definition
1337 leet/l33t ("Elite")
afaik As Far As I Know
afk Away From Keyboard
aka Also Known As
asap As Soon As Possible
Banning To deny access for someone for a certain period
brb Be Right Back
btw By The Way
c (or) d/c Disconnect
flame/flaming Posting messages that are deliberately hostile/insulting
gl Good Luck
IMO / IMHO In My (Humble) Opinion
IGN In-Game Name
IIRC If I Remember Correctly
irc Internet Relay Chat
kick To throw someone from a channel (chat)
lol Laugh Out Loud
Netiquette The conventions of politeness on most forums/chat rooms
newb A new player (generally with neutral connotations)
noob A stupid/foolish player
nub A stupid/foolish player (who has played for a long time)
np No Problem
pls/plz Please
PM Private Message
pwn To beat or be beaten by someone badly
(I)RL (In)Real Live
rofl Rolling On the Floor Laughing
RTFM Read The ing Manual
Spam/spamming Posting of unneeded messages
STFU Shut The Up
wb Welcome Back
wtf What The

Travian Team

Abbreviation Definition
Admin Administrator
Mod Moderator
MH Multihunter - the game operator of a world. They search for cheaters and ban them, as well as helping to fix any bugs that occur.
S-Mod Super-Moderator
Supporters Players who answer ingame questions sent to Support

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