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Infrastructure - General


The infrastructure buildings are all buildings which do not have anything to do with the military. The infrastructure buildings are described briefly below.

Town Hall
Celebrations are held in the town hall. At level 1 you can hold a small celebration and at level 10 you can hold a great one. Celebrations gain you culture points and a great celebration can help with conquering villages.

Stonemason's Lodge
The Stonemason lives in the stonemason's lodge and he makes your buildings harder to destroy with catapults. This building can only be built in the capital.

The treasury is required to own an artefact or a building plan for a Wonder of the World

Wonder of the World
The Wonder of the World, also called WW or World Wonder, is required to win a Travian round. The first Alliance who has extended its Wonder of the World to level 100 wins that round.

Main Building
The main building, also called the MB, is the most important building in Travian. Almost all buildings require a main building level X to be built, and upgrading your main building also speeds up the upgrading progress of your fields and buildings. From level 10 you can also demolish buildings from the main building.

The cranny is meant to hide resources from incoming attackers. This is especially useful early in the game when you do not have enough troops to defend effectively against larger opponents.

Expansion - - Palace and Residence
As your first village grows larger and larger, you'll eventually have to start new villages. This can be done by training settlers. The settlers can be built when you have a free village slot, which becomes available when you have a palace level 10, 15 and 20 or residence level 10 and 20.

Trading - - Marketplace and Trade Office
You'll always have unequal amounts of resources when you are actively playing. To solve this, you can trade with other players using the marketplace. Later in the game you'll need larger merchants, which can be achieved by building the trade office.

The embassy is a place for diplomats. It enables you to join or found an alliance. You can join an alliance with an embassy level 1 and an invitation from the alliance leader. You can found an alliance with an embassy level 3.

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