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Some information regarding Travian IRC

For the experienced users; irc.travian.org will get you at the place.
All countries have their own DNS, so irc.travian.com, irc.travian.us and irc.travian.co.uk will all work and will all bring you to the same place.

There are currently 5-6 servers, each with its own task;

  • teuton.traviangames.org

    This is the European Public Server

  • roman.traviangames.org

    This server is a 'production' server and is used by Fayntic (bot) and some webchat users only.

  • natar.traviangames.org

    This server is a 'production' server and is used by Fayntic (bot) and some webchat users only.

  • services.traviangames.org

    Services is a vital system on the network. Its provides the services like nickserv, chanserv and botserv.
    These services make sure you can register your own nickname and identify every time you visit IRC again.
    It also provides you with advanced channel management options to make running your own chat more easily.

  • stats.traviangames.org

    This is the server used for all statistics on the TravianGames network.

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